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Applefuzz  is a Boston based Neo-Psychedelic/Electronica band and the project of  multi-instrumentalist and producer Steed Taranto. Steed writes, records and produces all of the Applefuzz music. Applefuzz is heavily influenced by The Beatles, Bonobo, Tame Impala, Jellyfish, Klaatu, Temples and tons of obscure 1960’s Psychedelic, Avant Garde and lounge music.



Steed is a native of Massachusetts who has played lead guitar in various Psychedelic/Rock bands up until 2008. That’s when Steed had the idea to incorporate all the elements of his favorite 60's Phychedelic music, but give it a modern twist.  To do that Steed decided to go solo and write, record and produce the music himself. 

Steed has collaborated on various projects with other musicians. In 2016 he co-produced and played sitar on "Bell Bottom Girl #9" with Bruce Lev, Grammy nominee  and 2015 Rock Artist of the Year" at the Josie Music Awards.


Musical Style

Applefuzz’s music puts a modern twist on the music from the 1960’s Psychedelic genre by blending digital/electronica with ambient elements. Steed is known to use a wide variety of synth loops in his music combined with heavy sounding guitar fuzz. Steed uses original 60’s fuzz pedals and is totally devoted to using VOX guitars and amps. His music styles range from blistering fuzz 60’s garage to Downtempo Chill-out’s,  electronic space pop to a modern homage to "Revolution #9" and "Tomorrow Never Knows."


Most music has remarkably catchy riffs and crosses many different categories making it appealing for TV Themes, Commercials and Movies.

Core instruments in Applefuzz music:  Fuzz guitars, sitars, mellotrons and synth loops.


 Musical Gear :


1968 VOX Grand Prix

1969 VOX Rio Grand

1966 VOX Bobcat

2012 VOX Phantom Bass

VOX Amps

Epiphone Casino

Fender Telecaster


Electric Sitar

Yahmaha Keyboards

Korg Synths


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